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Randsomware Viruses: Should you pay to get your files back?

For those who are infected with the Crypto viruses that do NOT have a backup -- "Should you pay to get your files back?"

Crypto viruses are termed as Ransomware. Where these criminals encrypt your data and specify that they will provide you with a decryption key for a fee. The fee usually starts around $600.00. It's been reported that some users who were hit with these viruses really did get their data back after paying the ransom, while others did not. There's no guarantee that what they send you will work, because cyber criminals aren't exactly the most trustworthy group of people.

It's been reported that the NCA (National Crime Agency) in the UK is bringing down some of the command and control centers of these criminals. However, if they are bringing down the command and control servers, then the criminals may not be able to return the data, even if the ransom has been paid. There's also a whole load of viruses which go out of their way to look like Crypto viruses, and which won't hand back the data if victims pay. Then there's the ethical issue: paying the ransom funds more crime.

As such, my answer to the above question - I would NEVER pay. BACKUP your data people!!!!

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